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Portable Practice Pocket Guitar(BUY 2 GET 10%OFF)

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IMPROVE Your Guitar SKILLS No Matter Where You Go!

  • Improve Your Guitar Skills Anywhere You Are 
  • Increase Your Finger Speed and Dexterity
  • True-to-Life 6 String 6 Fret Design Provides Accurate Practice
  • Avoid Having to Lug Around a Bulky Guitar
  • Adjustable Strings Let You Tune the Sound You Desire

Practice Guitar WITHOUT Carrying the Bulkiness! 
Who says you need to have an actual guitar to practice guitar?
We think not!
StrumAlong™ allows you to improve your skills and increase dexterity without a physical guitar.
You can bring your device with you everywhere so you can get better each day. 
And you don't need to deal with the bulkiness of a real guitar!

Exact Replica Neck Design Makes it Realistic For You 
StrumAlong™ is designed to feel just like a real guitar neck...not some gimmick. 
A true-to-life 6 string 6 fret design gives you the ability to practice the same way you would with a real guitar. 
Everything from the layout to the neck dimensions is as similar as possible. 
You'll quickly find that the more you practice with StrumAlong™, the better you'll be at playing a real guitar!

You Can Even Adjust the Strings! 
In fact, StrumAlong™ is so similar to a real guitar that you can even adjust the strings!
Just like a real guitar, you can tighten and loosen each individual string to get the sound you want.

The Materials Used Are Built to Last
StrumAlong™ is made with high-quality plastic, wood, and steel. 
Its sleek build feels like an actual guitar.
And the durable materials are guaranteed to last you years and years of constant use.

BONUS: Carrying Bag is Included for Convenient Storage 
As a thank you to you, we've included a bonus velvet carrying bag to store your StrumAlong™.
So you can keep your valued guitar practice tool safe and in luxury ;)

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