10 Pcs Anti Radiation Phone Stickers - Radiation Protection Stickers

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Radiation is everywhere. And although they come in small amounts, we may eventually accumulate radiation waves emitted by electronic devices that may be harmful to the body. Some people even experience headaches or nausea after being exposed to mobile phones or tablets for a long time.
  • Keep your family and yourself safe from the harmful damages caused by prolonged exposure to radiation waves caused by electronic devices all around. These Radiation Protection Stickers are scientifically proven to shield against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
  • These stickers basically work as radiation neutralizers. It is specially designed to absorb and decrease electromagnetic radiation waves emitted by your mobile devices and gadgets, thus reducing the amount of radiation you can be exposed to.
  • Tested to emit 2000 negative ions that help regulate the emission of radiation waves
  • Generates Schumann resonance scalar energy waves of 7.83 Hz — a healing energy that helps negate the damaging effects of radiation and restore optimal balance to the body.
  • It also helps increase your gadget's standby time for up to 2x longer and helps extend battery life.
  • Comes in a slim and sleek design, just half a millimeter thick - no need for bulky radiation neutralizers.
  • Can be used virtually on any electronic device. Stick on your laptop computer, MacBook, mobile phone case, WIFI router box, iPhone, iPad, tablets, or any device - even household appliances like microwaves, refrigerators and so much more!
Package includes:
  • 10Pcs Anti Radiation Phone Stickers
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