Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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    • Just like you brush your teeth, take a shower, and look after yourself, taking care of your makeup brushes is that basic a step. They’re a breeding ground for dirt and spot-inducing bacteria.
    • I know every one of us is guilty of neglecting our beloved brushes at some point and not taking the time out to get the gunk off of them!
    • This revolutionary product uses high-tech centrifugal spin technology to give your brushes the equivalent of a trip to the dry cleaners. It gets the job done rather quickly.
    • This is an amazing innovation, and you can avoid wasting a lot of time in the bathroom sink cleaning and then waiting for your brushes to dry.
    • Regular cleaning of makeup brushes is critical to avoid the buildup of bacteria, which can cause spots, skin abscesses, infections, and cold sores.
    Product Features:
    • Cleans fast and effectively
    • Simple and convenient to use
    • Easy to operate
    • Fits different brush sizes
    • Made of top quality materials
    • Includes instruction manual and cleansing shampoo
    • Includes 8 collars for different makeup brush sizes, 1 make up brush spinner bowl & 1 makeup brush spinner(Needs 2 X AAA batteries, but not included)
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