Smart Sleep Light

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No need to worry about the dark environment at night, improve sleep quality and improve family relationships.

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Combining soothing lights, sounds, and smart sensors, the Smart Sleep Light is designed to help you achieve the perfect night’s sleep

Key Features

  • The Smart Sleep Light generates colored lights that mimic sunrise and sunset to enhance your natural sleep cycle

  • Achieve Your Best Sleep-- smart sleep light designed to monitor, track and improve sleep quality. The Smart Sleep Light will help you fall asleep easily with soothing light and sound and wake up naturally with smart alarm
  • Its digital clock and smart alarm allow you to wake up naturally feeling refreshed.

  • The soothing 590-750nm red light wavelengths adjust your melatonin to help you sleep quickly.
  • The colorful LED light will bring you a great mood and bring a romantic feeling. It will turn off auto once you've fallen asleep.
  • Comes with a charging port, convenient to charge other smart devices.

Select the brightness level that's right for you

Sensitivity to light differs from person to person—a brightness level that could instantly wake you might not budge someone else. Multiple light settings let you choose which intensity level is just right for you. In general, when the brightness is set to a higher light intensity a person needs less time to become fully awake. When you are not sleeping, the wake-up light becomes an adjustable bedside or reading light.

Smart touch display for easy device control

Our seamlessly integrated multi-level touch display lets you set your chosen parameters intuitively and fast. Just approach the display with your hand and control your light with a touch on the buttons. The light will adjust the brightness of the display automatically to the light level in your room. Optionally, you can also switch off the display completely

Modern design adds style to your bedroom

The sleek and stylish design evokes the shape of the sun. Functional elements are hidden and setting controls are accessed by touchscreen on the surface of the light-backlit by LED and visible when activated-giving a smooth, streamlined look. The delicate, contemporary design fits into most any décor.

The Wake-Up Light clinically proved to work

Wake-up Lights are clinically proven to improve your general wellbeing after waking up. Several independent studies have shown that our wake-up light improves the quality of waking up, improves your mood and makes you feel more refreshed in the morning.

92% percent of users say our wake-up light wakes them up pleasantly, while 88% of users say that the wake-up light is a better way to wake up than how they did before.* In addition, 92% of users find it easier to get out of bed.

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