Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

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Ultrasonic Portable Cleaner For Tools

Maintenance and cleaning is a heavy but unavoidable task. After all, cleaning something of any kind always takes time. To gain time and efficiency in this process, why not turn to the sonic cleaner? This article is a real revolution in the field of cleaning products of all kinds!

Here you have an ultrasonic cleaner that uses ultrasonic technology to clean thoroughly. Buy your “all-purpose cleaner” for simply amazing results! Not only will everything you clean with this accessory be clean, but the process will be done quickly saving you considerable time. The saving does not stop there since the appliance will also save you water and energy. What more could you ask for? In addition, the housing of this small ultrasonic cleaner is very compact. So you can easily move it so you always have your cleaning accessory at hand.

50000HZ & 70W High Power: With the ultrasonic frequency of 50,000 times per second, 70W power, effectively remove pesticides and bacteria of fruits and vegetables.
Highly Efficient: Utilize ultrasonic technology to transfer to liquid, producing high-frequency vibration, deep decontamination, without any damage to the object. Works with less power consumption and water.
Innovative design: Input ultrasonic vibrating head is made of aluminum alloy, achieving a 360°ultrasonic emission. Fully closed surface design with insulated oxidation sandblasting treatment much improves the service life and easy to use.
Independent Power Control:Inserted the power controller into the plug board and put the ultrasonic transducer into the water, press the switch and start washing, which is very convenient, safe and reliable.
Widely Use: Cleaning range from vegetables, fruits, underclothes, jewelry, waterproof watches, shaver heads, glasses, dentures, nail and so on. Specially recommend to clean vegetables and fruits as it can remove pesticide residues more than 91%. Bring you a clean and healthy life. Every family is worth having it.